How To Find Off-Market Property In The UK

Searching for the perfect property starts off full of optimism and excitement, but inevitably ends without finding something that suits your desires and needs. Location, price, style, timing and more will come under consideration when seeking your ideal property. Knock For Sale are on hand to offer you an alternative to trawling through hundreds of property sites in your area by giving you a chance to discover off-market properties.

How to find off-market property in the UK?

Our service at Knock For Sale is key in helping families, couples and individuals get in contact with homeowners across the UK who are not currently on the market. This is done by sending a £5 ‘Knock’ in the form of a card to the home that you would like to declare an interest in. They will then have the chance to message you securely about the prospect of selling their property to you.

Why choose an off-market property?

There are many statistics to back up choosing off market over on-market properties. According to a 2018 survey in coordination with Attest Technologies, it was recorded that there are three times as many homeowners considering selling their property than can be found on traditional property websites. This not only allows you to gain insight into a wider spectrum of properties but offers you freedom to choose as you desire.

If you would like to understand more about how to find off-market property with us, get in contact with us today.

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