How to buy your perfect home before it even goes on the market by taking matters into your own hands

By The Consumer Crew, The Sun
19th April 2019, 9:36 pm

Jane Hamilton gives tips on buying your dream home

WAITING for your dream home to come up for sale? Try taking matters into your own hands.

Three times as many homeowners are thinking about selling their property than those actually listed, new research shows.

And more than half of homeowners whose properties are NOT on the market would respond to a sales enquiry.

Here’s how to get started.

Use our tips to bag your ideal home before it even hits the market:

• What will you target? Is it just one house or a whole street you love? Or a wider area?

• Check out the sold prices in your target roads using Zoopla and Rightmove. It will help you budget and decide what you are willing to pay. Remember, the seller’s asking price may be higher than what they could realistically get.

• Write a letter telling sellers what you are ­looking for in a home and saying you are keen to buy privately — meaning THEY won’t have to pay estate agent fees either.

• Make your note personal. Maybe you have a young family and want to send your kids to the local school. Perhaps you have memories of the area from childhood or you want to move closer to family. MoneySavingExpert’s forums have sample letters you can use.

• Set up a new email account or mobile number for replies to come in so your wider personal details aren’t shared.

• Don’t have time to drop off a leaflet yourself? Or are you targeting a town far away? Specialist site Knock for Sale prints and distributes leaflets for would-be buyers.

• When you have found the home you want, make an offer. From there on, the process is the same as a traditional transaction.

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